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Deluxe Snap Strap ProStrap®
A quick release strap designed for the photographer with multiple cameras.
This unique ProStrap® enables the user to quickly remove the leather strap end and
switch rapidly between cameras at will. To accomplish this, the photographer must simply
purchase as many of the additional attachments as needed. Once the snap attachments have been
fastened, the photographer can then snap a single Snap Strap onto any camera in their arsenal,
easily and fast. By offering a choice of attachment types, this unique design also allows the
Snap Strap to be used with two or more cameras that may have very different strap eyelets.
Choose between Nylon loop, belt, or split ring attachments (nickel and brass available).
As with all of our straps, the slide buckle adjusts to fit snug against the wrist.
Deluxe versions also have options of nickel, brass, plastic, or leather slides.
A fun and versatile product to mix-n-match with your camera collection.
Shipped via USPS Priority Mail.
Sale Price $14.99

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