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Adjustable Deluxe Neck Strap ProStrap®
A quick release neck strap designed for use with our wrist Snap Strap or as a stand-alone.
As with all Snap Straps, this ProStrap® enables you to quickly remove the leather strap end
and switch rapidly between cameras or other Snap Straps at will. To accomplish this, you need only
to purchase as many additional female attachments as required. Once the snap attachments have been
fastened, the photographer can then make easy transitions from the wrist to the neck strap for quick
hands-free lens changes. By offering a choice of attachment types, this unique design will also allow for
a single neck strap to be used with two or more cameras that may have very different strap eyelet sizes.
Additionally, the 3/8 inch belt accessories can be attached for use as a traditional stand-alone strap,
allowing a direct connection to cameras with traditional 3/8 inch eyelets. Choose between Loop or
Split Ring attachments (nickel and brass available). Ultra soft suede pads finish off these
straps for a comfortable and cool fit against the neck (matching top grain pad optional).
A fun and versatile product to mix-n-match with your camera collection.
Shipped via USPS Priority Mail.
Sale Price $29.99

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